We at Arotech believe in sustainable development that cares about the environment, people and the economy. We take our responsibilities seriously and always strive for long-term relationships with our customers, employees, suppliers, the city, the municipality and the business community. Sustainability is part of our values.

Social Sustainability

We are proud of our local roots in Västerås and value the education and development of individuals. We care about our employees, customers, suppliers, job seekers and visitors. We always strive to create the conditions for good collaborations, dialogues and results while also thinking about society and the outside world. We have a strong focus on a healthy working environment, gender equality, diversity, health and product safety.

Environmental Sustainability

Our quality, environmental and work environment work is preventive where continuous improvement is a key word. Material consumption, production process, energy, returns, sorting and transport should have a minimal impact on the environment, climate and nature. Among many other things, we reduce the use of paper, we sort for recycling, we turn off lights and turn off computers that are running unnecessarily, pull out mobile chargers when they are not in use, and choose our suppliers with care.

Economical Sustainability

We are fully aware that finances are fundamental to the company’s functioning and continuing operations responsibly. We know how the economy, the environment and social issues are linked to sustainable development. We strive for constant training of our staff, provide wellness grants, built our own gym in our premises, sign collective agreements, invest in quality certification, etc.